4160 Weeks

4160 Weeks is an installation that was part of the interactive exhibition »Behind the Veil«.

The interactive experience aims to create a confrontation with the past and future in order to reflect the present. The intention is to make viewers pause and evoke a moment of consciousness about the temporary nature of life and the limited amount of time we have. 

The individual results of this process are presented in an interactive data visualization.


In the process, visitors are asked about the most significant moment in their past and the greatest wish for the future. The answers are written on designated stickers.


An interactive data visualisation brings all entries together. Visitors place the significant moments noted on the stickers on a timeline that represents their lifespan.

By connecting the moments with a thread, a confrontation is created that should lead to reflection.


Design and Concept: Denise Hödl
Photography: Christoph Platzer