Critical Water

Critical Water is a Crossmedia Campaign Concept that aims to draw attention to our on average shockingly high water footprint. The campaign focuses on indirect water consumption, which refers to the water that is used to manufacture the goods that we consume or produce, and the services that we use.


According to the environmental organization, the daily water consumption per capita in Germany is round about 120 liters. But our water footprint includes not only direct consumption but also so-called virtual water. The Water Footprint Network organization defines this as all the water consumed in the production of food and industrial goods, i.e. contained in the end products we consume.


On average, each of us consumes 3900 liters of water every single day.

The Campaign »Critical Water« aims to draw attention to our indirect water consumption. In the campaign, this effect is created by visualizing the respective amounts of water used to produce certain products and directly confronting or even irritating the viewer by that. 

In the execution, the respective amounts of water consumed for the production of certain goods are being visualised. This effect is supported by the clear presentation of the equivalent amount of water consumed. Concise claims support the statements and create in combination with the visual an irritating effect on the viewer.


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