OBLQ /əˈbliːk/ is a streetwear brand with the intention to democratize design a step further and therefore enables every user to be part of the design process. We coded an interactive design generator, which allows every individual to create their custom shirt.

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OBLQ calls for users to be part of the design process. In an interactive design generator, one can influence and change the design through a range of different settings and parameters. At the end of this process, users can have their designs printed on a shirt.


Sebastian Hemetsberger and I created OBLQ as our bachelor project at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. Our goal was to make good design easy and accessible and to give every user the opportunity to be a good designer. In addition, it should be possible for users to influence the design process in order to let their personal expression flow into it. Thereby OBLQ tries to democratize the design process to a certain extent.

Check out the project over on oblq.xyz

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