Spot A Bot

Bots on Twitter are used to spread misinformation or for political influence. These bots do not act alone, but in a coordinated manner to steer entire trends or get them rolling. Which trends are organic and which are artificially grown can often be difficult to identify. Spot A Bot is an AI solution that detects bots on twitter across entire trends and visualizes the extent of their activity.



Spot A Bot is a web platform that allows visitors to manually analyze both daily and past Twitter trends for bots. The machine learning model provides an estimate of the bot percentage and gives insight into the analyzed tweets and accounts. In the past the model has already been able to detect Chinese botnets that have attempted to hijack and suppress trends related to the covid protests there.


Daniela Dottolo
Nicolas Graf
Kevin Harizaj
Lena Heiglauer

Daniela Dottolo
Nicolas Graf
Kevin Harizaj
Lena Heiglauer

Magdalena Jo Umkehrer
Denise Hödl

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